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    All you beautiful single people out there – here’s how to rock a dining alone experience -especially during the holidays. When you enter a restaurant alone and the host/hostess asks you in that special tone of voice “party of one?” prior to seating you, embrace it. Do not feel the need to erase it from your memory as a bad thing – except that tone lol. All the times I have dined alone here at home in Los Angeles as well as around the world when traveling on my own, I’ve had much fun by following a few simple dos and don’ts.

    How to rock a dining alone experience

    I do believe eating out on your own is becoming more and more popular. A few years back, Open Table, an online restaurant reservation service reported that the fastest-growing type of reservation was for tables of one.

    Ha! There you have it….!!

    If you plan on staying home tonight you can find my easy to follow weeknight meal plan here but if you’re in the mood for stepping out by all means rock that dining alone experience. Now keep in mind, while you or I may indeed be comfortable dining alone, the host or server more often, is not. It is hilariously worse when one is travelling alone in a foreign country. The cultural differences around the globe pertaining to the perception of single ladies dining alone are as varied as the countries themselves.

    Single people dining alone


    • Don’t accept the bad table next to the kitchen, if you don’t want to. Ask politely but firmly if they could seat you at another table. Explain that you are on your own and don’t mind waiting a little.


    • Sit at the bar – although some folks may sometimes assume that you are looking forward to talking with other people for company. If you prefer to be left to yourself, follow the next tip to show others that you are indeed an expert on how to rock a dining alone experience.
    How to enjoy dining alone

    What to bring!

    • Bring a book to read when dining alone. Some restaurants are fancier than others and might not be the kind where you bring your book or ipad, so play it by the ear.

    How to rock it!

    • Be friendly with the server but not over-friendly. Do not feel the need to share the reason for dining alone. It is simply a choice you made this evening. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Be you!

    • Some people might be all too ready to put a single diner – more so a single female diner – in the category of either lonely or cocky. If the likes of them are getting ready to treat you with sympathy or disdain as the case may be, from the moment you walked in, that is their choice. Don’t feel like you have to fall into one of those two categories. You certainly don’t. Be yourself and enjoy your meal.

    What if!

    • If you are in a foreign country, understand that travelling alone in a place you’ve never been before and being among people whose language you don’t speak, is in itself a bit nerve-wracking. Be prepared for surprises. Treat it as a learning experience. Try to stay pleasant and allow certain things to roll off your back – within limits. If it comes to a choice between being courteous and being safe, choose the latter.  At the same time do not try to make it about a clash of cultures. 

    Last but not the least, have fun being in your own company. And that ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, is how to rock a dining alone experience. Bon appetit!

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    The true and tested formula of mix don’t match is having a second coming. When decorating you may mix but you must also follow the basic rules of design or you may end up with a space that is more disharmony than distinctive. Restless rather than refreshing. Create a carefully curated space that looks effortless rather than a random mix that shows lack of planning and effort.  The essence is in the details.

    Mix Colors –

     Don’t try to match wall colors with the exact shades of the soft furnishings in the room with the artwork with the curtain fabric. It will end up looking either too insipid or trying too hard and failing to get an exact match. There is bound to be variations even if you select the same color.  When combining shades and tones of the same color within a space, the way each element reflects – or absorbs light – is crucial.

    What are tints, shades and tone?

    Adding white to a pure color creates a tint. Any of the basic twelve colors with pure white added to it produces a tint or pastel palette. Tints are softer and more subtle than the pure colors hence they are often associated with pastel.

    Adding black to a color creates shades. Shades can range from medium to very dark  depending on the amount of black added to the color. Black should always be added with caution because it can easily become overpowering. Increasing the contrast will also produce a deeper shade of a color.

    Adding black and white, or gray, to a pure color, creates tones of a color. Most of the colors we see in our world on a daily basis are tones of a pure color. Tones have the qualities of a pure color but are not as intense, because they are “toned down.” Be cognizant of the rules and stay within a tonal range.  

    Mix Styles –

    It is always a good idea to create an organic space with one dominant style and a healthy mix of one other style that is compatible but different from the original one. A study of multiple Parisian apartments confirms that a careful combination of styles results in a sophisticated yet livable space. Most European interiors are able to achieve this effortless yet stylish look by following this rule of design.

    'Many different styles - mix don't match

    A Mid-Century Modern room can breathe with one or two British Colonial Campaign style pieces of furniture and a room decorated in Hollywood Regency style will benefit hugely from a touch of the Modern Neoclassical. Art Deco can sometimes blend well with Modern or benefit from incorporating one or two items in an Eclectic Global style. Chinoiserie mixes well with French Toile.   

    Mix Finishes –

    I get a lot of questions from clients enquiring about if and when to combine different wood finishes within a room and how to do it successfully. When it comes to kitchens there seems to be some confusion about whether it is a good idea to combine countertop and backsplash materials and finishes. Same with how and when to combine different materials for the vanity, the shower walls and flooring in bathroom remodels

    Mix textures –

    This is a must if you want to create a room that is interesting – as opposed to blah – as well as restful. For a room that also looks updated and high end as opposed to dated or cheap mix don’t match textures

    Many textures - Mix don't match

    A well designed room such as the one above will have a combination of gloss with matte and showcase textures such as glass, metal, raffia, wicker and fabric mixed in together.

    Mix scales –

    I always tell my clients that small sized rooms benefit from substantial pieces of furniture. Conversely, in large rooms one can introduce multiple small items of furniture mixed in with larger pieces. Smaller pieces that might otherwise make a small room appear tinny or busy. Here again it is important to remember the rules of design so as not to get lost in the how and how big is too big and how many small pieces might one add in a large room?

    Mix patterns –

    This step is tricky! Before executing this step do a quick study of how the different patterns react to one another.  

    Do plaids work with florals?  How does a paisley print relate to a geometric pattern? Would a sofa covered in a fabric with blush cabbage roses on an off white background work well against a dark green palm leaf pattern wallpaper. Or can I choose the same wallpaper in an ecru shade …..and make it work….etc etc.

    Pattern mix bedroom

    Photo credits –

    Mixing colors – image of Living Room in mix don’t match shades of gray and yellow courtesy ~  Style mix – ëclectic Living Room with gate leg table and modern accent chairs courtesy ~ Mixing finishes – image of earth tone living room – courtesy – Texture mix – photo of David Netto-created Connecticut dining room courtesy ~ Different Scales – image of bi-level living room with white sectional sofa courtesy ~ Pattern Mix – courtesy

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