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6 Best Dressed Desks While WFH

Industrial Tanker Desk

The first choice on my list of 6 best-dressed desks while WFH – is also the desk in my own home office. It is a red circa 1950 Tanker Desk in fire engine red. One that I have sat at every day while working from home. It is big on fun and makes work a breeze. It keeps me cheerful on days when my to-do list seems never-ending – which is almost every day of the week 🙂  What’s more, it even has a spacious file drawer so one can happily avoid the additional clutter of a rolling file cabinet in the office and still stay organized.

6 Best Dressed Desks While WFH

Traditional Vanity Dresser Desk

When we lived in Santa Monica, in my daughter’s bedroom lived a white farmhouse chic Vanity Dresser that I bought for her when she was a little girl. She and I had a lot of fun re-finishing it in silver, as a fun craft project.  The three drawers provided ample room to keep pens pencils notepads and all other work paraphernalia out of sight yet still close at hand. With a large 3-part folding mirror a luxury vanity or dresser can do double duty as a fashionable lady’s dressing table as well as a very fancy desk. Move over Ms Miniver, design trends are changing.

6 Best Dressed Desks While WFH

Chinoiserie Secretary Hutch

I am still looking for a Chinoiserie Hutch desk in black lacquer finish that does not look dated. One that I can fall in love with every day. Haven’t found it yet. Nevertheless, the hunt goes on. The kind that has a bunch of cubbies and cabinets for ample storage for everyday items along with deep drawers to store floor plans and design boards

6 Best Dressed Desks While WFH

Modern Corner Desk

One has also been on the lookout for a Corner Desk that is not too overpowering and not too droll-looking. A modern non-generic incarnation of the ubiquitous modular desk system. The slightly more sophisticated version of the everyman desk that dots the office landscape here and around the globe.  

6 Best Dressed Desks While WFH

Antique Gate Leg Table

In my erstwhile Corona del Mar studio, my Design Assistant and I would sit around an antique Gate Leg conference table from England while brainstorming ideas for design concepts on client projects. I have also designed a home office for a client with Tulip Chairs around an antique William & Mary Gate-Leg Table for a bit of fun contrast. This is a version of a library table or a conference table for the eclectic home office of a design-conscious individual with varied tastes. 

6 Best Dressed Desks While WFH

Art Deco Lucite Waterfall Desk  

Last but not least on my list of 6 best-dressed desks while WFH in 2021 is a clear acrylic Waterfall Console Table slash Desk. It can easily blend into a range of room styles from Mid-Mod to Art Deco. It gives the room not only an airy lightness but also makes it look sleek and spacious – a posh home office.

6 Best Dressed Desks While WFH

Picture credits – Image of grey Tanker desk courtesy Etsy | Mint green Vanity desk – courtesy Frontgate | Image of Secretary Hutch courtesy Town and Country | Modern Corner Desk courtesy  Trenduhome | Gate Leg Table image courtesy Flickr | Lucite desk image courtesy Clearhomedesign

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