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BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE – so if you’re looking for some neat tricks and tips here are 8 easy steps to a cozy home in these waning winter months, you’re in luck. Stay with me as I break down some design myths. Let us re-write those age-old rules – you and me 🙂 because why not?

White in Winter?

One of the biggest myths in design is – white can’t be warm. I dare say, It is not true. If you are one of those people for whom all white everything somehow conjures up images of a cold and sterile hospital room or a sanatorium, now’s the time to throw away that rulebook and re-arrange the visual in your mind’s eye.

Now everyone is open to experimentation – with delightful results. The great thing about going all white is that you can simply layer on more color in your accessories in warm hues and then switch these out as the seasons change.   

Orange is the New White?

Warm tones raise the visual temperature of your home in the winter months. You can use Rust, Terracotta and Orange to create beautiful settings with perfect winter or more specifically autumnal hues. (Sorry I just really love that word.)  Starting with a crisp, Thanksgiving themed orange for that last one.  

How Do You Chase Away the Winter Blues?

Bring in the blues. Navy that is. Use Navy or Prussian Blue in lustrous high gloss finishes on your kitchen walls or on a plush living room velvet sofa – will effectively warm up your home. When one lived in the North East, the Thanksgiving Holidays brought with it expectations of the first snows of the season. As snow season would start we would head out to the Carolina coast for the Holidays. One likes a sweet reminder of those warmer times.

The Sun in Winter?

Bring in the sun, bring in yellow! Of the 8 easy steps to a cozy home the one tried and tested rule of thumb is – introduce a color scheme based on warm yellow in your home. With yellow you can get away with doing it in large doses and still not let it get overpowering. Conjure up a color scheme in shades of yellow and orange. For added depth you can add brown with a splash of white. With this “lion” of a color scheme you can’t go wrong in winter.

A foyer with flair - Tori Black Homes Interior Design

To Store or Not to Store – and How?

A key to making your house feel warm and welcoming is to make it look lived in. Having said that, this may not be achieved by strewing personal belongings all over the place. Rather it can be achieved by finding clever – and more functional at the same time, more aesthetically pleasing – ways of storing seasonal items within reach and in plain view. Talking about bikes and other storage – this is just one more of the 8 easy steps to a cozy home all winter long.

Banking on Brown?

Then your’e on the right track. When the chill gets to you, reach for the chocolate – or the chocolate brown paint. rather. An easy fix for the winter blues is to paint your walls in a warm hue such as chocolate brown. Then pair it with a tan leather sofa laden with a chunky wool knotted throw in soft warm gray alongside fluffy lambskin or hide pillows. Or paint a single wall perhaps the one behind your bed in the Master Bedroom in a Benjamin Moore chocolate brown in a high gloss finish for a glamorous doze of warm and cozy.

Chocolate walls in a rich lustrous finish creates Instant warmth. In England, come September, when the rains would start again after brief summer break sometimes halting all kinds of outdoor wanderings on foot or on a bike.

Lighting Up?

Yes please! One of the obvious ways to bring in the warm and cozy is by lighting candles in different rooms of the house. However, keep safety in mind as you do so and don’t overdo it. Small groups of three to five candles in different shapes and varying heights in a strategic corner or two of your home will add a nice warm glow as well as a cozy ambience to your winter home. Candlelight is romantic and candles, whether scented or otherwise – whatever your preference – are known to be mood elevating.

To Eat Drink & Be Merry?

A quick and easy way to raise the spirits – and literally turn the house warmer, is to cook a meal. A family style roast in the oven warms up the kitchen allowing the warmth to radiate to the whole house. Not to speak of the seductive aroma of holiday cooking that wafts through the rooms, spreading cheer as folks await the feast busying themselves with setting the table with the good china.

Holiday roast

Once the hungry tummies – and hearts – are just about full you can rest assured warm and cozy is definitely in the house! Happy Winter….!

Holiday table setting

 Image Credits – White Sectional image courtesy Bassett Furniture. Orange Refrigerator image courtesy Smeg. Photo of Sunshine Yellow Foyer courtesy Tori Black Homes. Picture of Living room with Blue velvet sofa courtesy House Beautiful. Bicycle with lights in Hallway image

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