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All you beautiful single people out there – here’s how to rock a dining alone experience -especially during the holidays. When you enter a restaurant alone and the host/hostess asks you in that special tone of voice “party of one?” prior to seating you, embrace it. Do not feel the need to erase it from your memory as a bad thing – except that tone lol. All the times I have dined alone here at home in Los Angeles as well as around the world when traveling on my own, I’ve had much fun by following a few simple dos and don’ts.

How to rock a dining alone experience

I do believe eating out on your own is becoming more and more popular. A few years back, Open Table, an online restaurant reservation service reported that the fastest-growing type of reservation was for tables of one.

Ha! There you have it….!!

If you plan on staying home tonight you can find my easy to follow weeknight meal plan here but if you’re in the mood for stepping out by all means rock that dining alone experience. Now keep in mind, while you or I may indeed be comfortable dining alone, the host or server more often, is not. It is hilariously worse when one is travelling alone in a foreign country. The cultural differences around the globe pertaining to the perception of single ladies dining alone are as varied as the countries themselves.

Single people dining alone


  • Don’t accept the bad table next to the kitchen, if you don’t want to. Ask politely but firmly if they could seat you at another table. Explain that you are on your own and don’t mind waiting a little.


  • Sit at the bar – although some folks may sometimes assume that you are looking forward to talking with other people for company. If you prefer to be left to yourself, follow the next tip to show others that you are indeed an expert on how to rock a dining alone experience.
How to enjoy dining alone

What to bring!

  • Bring a book to read when dining alone. Some restaurants are fancier than others and might not be the kind where you bring your book or ipad, so play it by the ear.

How to rock it!

  • Be friendly with the server but not over-friendly. Do not feel the need to share the reason for dining alone. It is simply a choice you made this evening. Nothing more, nothing less.

Be you!

  • Some people might be all too ready to put a single diner – more so a single female diner – in the category of either lonely or cocky. If the likes of them are getting ready to treat you with sympathy or disdain as the case may be, from the moment you walked in, that is their choice. Don’t feel like you have to fall into one of those two categories. You certainly don’t. Be yourself and enjoy your meal.

What if!

  • If you are in a foreign country, understand that travelling alone in a place you’ve never been before and being among people whose language you don’t speak, is in itself a bit nerve-wracking. Be prepared for surprises. Treat it as a learning experience. Try to stay pleasant and allow certain things to roll off your back – within limits. If it comes to a choice between being courteous and being safe, choose the latter.  At the same time do not try to make it about a clash of cultures. 

Last but not the least, have fun being in your own company. And that ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, is how to rock a dining alone experience. Bon appetit!

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