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    8 Easy Ways To Makeover An Ugly Apartment Or Cookie Cutter Condo Right Now!

    If you ask me, Los Angeles can very well win an Oscar nomination for awkward apartments, cookie-cutter condos and tasteless townhouses. The 70s and 80s all but wiped out all the quaint Country Cottages, Spanish Style Bungalows, Mid Century Modern Architectural homes from the two decades prior, replacing them with generic housing, low in aesthetics and high in rent – invoking a quintessential LA understanding of the term “affordable”. Nonetheless, the teeming masses that move to this land of beautiful people and not so beautiful houses, need more than a place to rest their head. They need shelter from the storm in this city of hopes and dreams.….and so we try to decorate and personalize these soulless boxes to reflect our tastes. With that in mind, I have compiled 8 easy ways to makeover an ugly apartment or cookie-cutter condo tight now – without waiting to upgrade!

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